Red The Love

A unique Parisian collection of three special unisex perfumes, carefully selected to represent the feminine, romance, and love, with aromatic sprays full of amber, musk, red fruits, and fragrant flowers.

This fascinating collection is designed to express love, with a special collection of Valentine in Paris, Princess in Paris, and Honeymoon in Paris, to make a woman feel the feminine inside of her and feel like a princess.

This collection comes with 3 perfumes, 50ml each, in a red bottle, with a stunning golden metal cap, inside of a elegant gift box to make a perfect gift.

Red The Love

862.00 SAR

The delicate fragrance exuding from the roses and flowers in Paris is well described by the aromatic, oriental, and woody accord, with a unique addition of sandal, vanilla & jasmine to add nuances of allure to the rose’s complex arrangement of petals.
Roses from Paris is created with Spicy notes merged with bergamot, mandarin, and sage for an aromatic opening as captivating as the rose always charms.


This perfume comes in a 50ml black bottle, with a captivating golden metal cap, inside of a elegant gift box.